Discover the flora and fauna of the Porto region

The Porto region is a veritable natural spectacle with its diverse flora and fauna.. As you explore these natural treasures, you'll enjoy unique experiences and discover the richness of Corsica's biodiversity. Discover the wetlands, estuaries and forests that are home to a multitude of bird species. Pink flamingos, grey herons, peregrine falcons and fishing eagles known as BALBUZARDS are among the region's most emblematic inhabitants.

Budding birdwatchers will be delighted by the opportunities for observation and photography offered by these unspoilt natural sites. The first light of the morning is a magical time to watch the birds as they search for food or perform their courtship rituals.


Whether you're into birds, plants or marine life, there's something for everyone. So put on your hiking boots, get your binoculars and camera ready, and set off on an adventure in this unspoilt natural environment that's just waiting to be discovered.

Every encounter with a wild species, every sighting of a rare plant will be a special moment, another step towards greater understanding and awareness of the need to preserve our natural environment.

Explore the botanical trails

The Porto region is full of botanical trails to discover the diversity of the local flora. Stroll along the signposted paths and let yourself be enchanted by the heady scents of the Mediterranean plants.

Botany enthusiasts will be able to observe endemic species such as Corsican immortelle, arbutus or myrtle. The botanical trails also offer breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside, providing an enriching experience for all the senses.

Take time to soak up every detail, admire the colourful wildflowers and listen to the song of the birds hiding among the tree branches.

Take part in sea excursions to observe marine life

The Porto region is renowned for its crystal-clear waters and exceptional marine biodiversity. To discover the marine fauna in a privileged way, embark on a sea excursion by semi-submarine with Corsica Emotion (reserve by clicking here).

Dolphins, sea turtles and schools of multicoloured fish are just some of the encounters possible during these expeditions.

Take advantage of the expertise of local guides to learn more about these fascinating species and the conservation efforts being made in the region.

During your boat trip, keep an eye out for seabirds such as gulls, cormorants, shearwaters and egrets flying over the waves in search of fish.

Visit nature reserves and regional parks

The Porto region is home to several nature reserves and regional parks that preserve the local flora and fauna.

The Scandola Nature Reservea UNESCO World Heritage site, is a must-see. Its majestic cliffs, caves and turquoise waters are home to incredible marine biodiversity.

You can also explore the Corsica Regional Nature ParkThe region offers a wide variety of natural habitats, from mountains to forests and rivers. These nature reserves and regional parks offer hiking trails where you can observe the local flora and fauna at close quarters.

Take the time to marvel at waterfallslisten to the birdsong and observe the wild animals that inhabit these unspoilt areas.

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