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Corse Émotion's semi-rigid boats

Created in 2009, Corsica Emotion is a family business with an innovative spirit, pioneering the development of semi-rigid boats classified as NUC (Commercial Use Vessel) in Corsica, and more specifically in Porto. This daring project was a first in Corsica, and especially in Porto.

Armand, the creative mind behind these unique vessels, has designed them to order, with particular attention to detail. His main objective was to guarantee both optimum comfort and safety for all passengers. It's a commitment that Corsica Emotion took the project very seriously, ensuring that every detail, from design to completion, was impeccable.

Over the years, Corsica Emotion has never stopped improving its boats, constantly refining their design to meet passengers' expectations and ensure their well-being during their journey. This constant focus on customer satisfaction has enabled Corsica Emotion a solid reputation for quality and reliability.

The semi-submarine Corse Émotion


In 2022, as part of their ongoing commitment to innovation and improving the tourism experience, Corsica Emotion has launched a brand new product, unique to Porto. It's a semi-submarine, designed to give visitors a totally new perspective on the natural beauty of Corsica.

This semi-submarine tour allows you to explore both the underwater and terrestrial life of this magnificent region, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Whether you're a nature enthusiast or simply looking for a unique adventure, this new offer is a fantastic opportunity to discover the hidden wonders of the local flora and fauna. Children and adults alike will marvel at the diversity and beauty of Corsica's ecosystem.

With Corsica EmotionEvery trip out to sea becomes an unforgettable experience, an explosion of sensations and emotions. So don't hesitate to embark on an unforgettable voyage to discover the treasures of Corsica!

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