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This experienced captain, who holds a captain's certificate (200), will help you discover all the nooks and crannies of the Gulf of PORTO. You'll love his serious approach and his skills in piloting and navigation!
A sailor since the age of 14, he will share with you his passion for his island and for sailing in the nature reserve of SCANDOLA, PIANA, CAPO ROSSO, GIROLATA, etc. which he has worked alongside for over 30 years and of which he knows every nook and cranny with a multitude of anecdotes to tell you.
You will begin your adventure at CORSE EMOTION by letting ORNELLA guide you in your choice of service. She manages the organisation of the company and welcomes you at our point of sale or by telephone.
A young graduate of the merchant navy and holder of the BACPN, he pilots the semi-submarine "liberta" with great agility to help you discover the underwater world of the Gulf of PORTO. His explanations will not leave you indifferent.
a pillar of the company who, from time to time, checks to make sure that everything is going well while sailing our ships in all weathers.
The holder of a Master 200, this experienced skipper will show you the region with seriousness and humour. He will delight you with the finesse of his manoeuvres.
the company's 'thinking head' who comes up with new ideas every day and takes great pleasure in enjoying the pleasures of sailing 😉
Every day, she'll be sharing her best moments with you on social networks, with photos, videos and montages.
working in tandem with her sister (SAVERIA), she will keep you up to date with all the latest company news via social networks.
The company's sales manager and ORNELLA's team-mate, he takes a serious approach to managing and pampering our customers so that they get the most out of their visit to the region.
The latest addition to our great team, she will welcome you, along with ORNELLA and JEAN-MARC, at our point of sale and by telephone to help you make the right choices.

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