Measures to protect the osprey on the west coast of Corsica

A prefectoral decree will be put in place to protect the "35 nests" of ospreys identified on the north-west coast of Corsica. This measure will prohibit maritime traffic and anchoring from 15 May to 31 July.

The OEC plays an active role as coordinator of the Natura 2000 sites in the Calvi-Cargèse region and as manager of the UNESCO site "Golfe de Porto, Calanques de Piana", which includes the Scandola nature reserve. Since 2020, in collaboration with the Parc Naturel Régional de Corse (PNRC), the OEC has set up a programme for the "scientific monitoring of osprey reproduction on the island's north-western coast".

According to the OEC, "as at 6 April, 35 nests were occupied", including "3 nests categorised as definite breeding", indicating that egg-laying had taken place. In addition, "25 nests were classified as probable breeding" and "7 nests were classified as possible breeding".

A number of measures have been put in place to protect these birds. The prefectoral decree will prohibit maritime traffic and the anchoring of all vessels, whether recreational or professional, in the vicinity of occupied nests. This ban will be in force from 15 May to 31 July, in line with the sensitive breeding periods.

The aim of this initiative is to preserve the habitat of ospreys, a species that is emblematic of the region, and to encourage their reproduction. Thanks to cooperation between the OEC, the PNRC and other local players, concrete measures are being put in place to ensure the conservation of these threatened seabirds.

It is essential to raise awareness among sailors and the local population of the importance of complying with these restrictions in order to preserve the region's biodiversity. The OEC will continue to closely monitor the reproduction of the osprey and take the necessary measures to ensure its long-term preservation.

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